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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 3, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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evening no- matter where your ideology falls. we're fair and balanced. greta begins right now. we'll see you from fox news headquarters in new york. finally free and you, yes, you helped do it. on the record and our loyal viewers never gave up. sergeant tam reese see spent months in a mexican jail and on the record kept up, even taking you to mexico and showing you how easy it is to take a wrong turn at the border. some of your political leaders got involved and now he's back home. >> free at last. >> the 26-year-old is now on his way back home. >> he's got two tours in afghanistan. >> touching down in miami, florida just moments ago after some 214 days in a mexican
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prison. >> glad he's home but it's way too late. >> i told him, the next time we see each other, it's going to be on american soil. >> i'm thrilled for him, for his mother, for my staff that's worked really hard on this but what took 214 days to get to the obvious? >> one of his biggest advocates who was instrumental in bringing him home, tv host and military veteran, also a marine, montell williams. nice to see you. >> what a good day. >> indeed it was. you were on that plane. when was the first time you saw him after he was released? where were you and what did you see? >> we were there, i and governor richardson, congressman salmon and roadways were holed up in a hotel in san diego since last monday. for one, two, three, four days in a row with jill, miss mom and
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everyone working vehemently, everyone calling every contact they could get ahold of, talking to andrew in prison, talking to his lawyer constantly throughout the day. every day there was an it might happen tomorrow, it might happen the next day. then we finally figured out when they said that the judge had signed the release order. i'm telling you, there was so much behind the scenes pressure from both congressman royce and governor richardson. some of the calls they were making is what helped push this over the edge i believe. with jill working with the lawyers, working with them on the ground, that moment of truth came. we saw him as soon as he pulled through the gate at the airport. i was waiting out there with congressman royce and congressman salmon. we were out there waiting.
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jill was with us. we literally had to take jill across the street and hide her out at a gas station because there was so much press there. we were so afraid that they were not going to allow that mother and son to have their contact together alone. so that's why we ended up scurrying through the back of the gate. he came around over by the plane and of course mom and son got a chance to see each other. i have to say this. that mother deserves an award, and i'm not putting down other women who work hard for their children. tirelessly, without any hesitation, she was like the general and she had governor richardson, montell williams, and congressmen standing at attention telling us what to do and we got it done. >> so you board this flight for florida which is about a five or six-hour flight. >> yes. >> how is he? >> i will tell you, i think he was stunned because he didn't know that he was getting out that time. he thought it might take a
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couple more days. bing, they walk in, tell him get ready, let's go. he's rushed across the border. he's on the plane and sent back. we allowed him and his mom to sit in the very back and then i was maybe in the seat right in front of him looking at him or at an angle from him and he and his mom had their time. the entire flight we made one stop to refuel. they talked. then he started interacting a little bit with us. he was really in a zone. i think he was so shocked that he was out. >> look, i am thrilled he's out. i'm delighted, but i have to confess, i'm a little angry. 214 days and if he got out because he has ptsd, he had ptsd when he got picked up in march. we learned the judge was watching every night, how easy you could make that mistake. all of that didn't have to
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happen. i'm angry that he didn't need to rot there like he did. >> greta, this young man like you said and you reported over and over again, he was diagnosed by our government has having combat ptsd. he was seeing a doctor that monday, that friday, the friday that he was actually arrested. within seven days they understood that he had combat ptsd. now seven months later we get this young man out. let me tell you the horror that he had to endure. i'm not trying to publicize this but we need to understand the hero that he is. he was traumatized in the battlefield and he got traumatized in t this prison. this young man attempted to escape twice. he had to climb over barbed wire fences. people targeted this marine because they wanted to be bad butts and try to beat up this marine. he had to fight his way a couple of times to keep safe. he tried to escape.
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then when it really got down to the bottom line, he attempted to take his own life. and then what did they do? they tie him or handcuffed him to a bed spread eagle for about 30 days. there were people who took pictures of him. remember the things that you saw at ab bu ghraib? we don't know the extent of what they did to him. the cameras are gone because he's home. what we're doing right now, jonathan franks is the head of our communications for montell media, he's been helping out the family. we are trying to get him through the v.a. system the care he needs. we'll find it in the next couple of days. >> montell, he's lucky he has a good friend in you and lucky he has a tough mother like jill and he's finally out. montell, as always, thank you. >> he's good. he's got a good advocate like you, greta, and fox who stands
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behind soldiers. we leave no man behind. >> thank you, montell. it took a strong diplomatic push not from barack obama but several members of congress to get the sergeant freed. matt salmon and ed royce rolled up their sleeves. us. >> good evening. >> your thoughts tonight? >> well, this took far too long but i'll tell you that one of the great things to see was this young man to see andrew there with robert buchanan, one of his fellow marines who had been an officer. as robert testified at that hearing, he said this is one of the bravest young marines i've served with. they were both wounded in afghanistan together. i think part of the support system besides his family, besides those who served with him are also, all of the outpouring of support by those who served in the military and
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all americans concerned about his fate. one of the great things about this experience was the number of people throughout the united states that were pushing for his release. i should also mention michael veesy who helped us get him transferred from that first prison where things were so tough in tijuana. myself and matt salmon visited him in taqanti. michael was pressing on the judge with the arguments that we had made, that i had made to the attorney general. he was in the courtroom every day, so we thank the consulate there in tijuana for their support in this effort as well. >> congressman salmon, how did he look to you and the thing that's so tragic is that he is one of thousands who have ptsd. there's so many that we need to take care of but how did he look to you? >> well, when i first saw him coming across that parking lot in the airport, it looked like his feet didn't even touch the
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ground. he was ecstatic. and his mom, she was fit to be tied. she ran out to meet him, gave him a big hug. i thought andrew looked exceptionally well for what he's been through. but as montell said just on the prior segment, he's got a long road ahead of him. those of us who have been working with him have to be engaged to make sure he gets the care necessary. the time he spent in that mexican prison, he told his mom that that was even more harrowing than his two tours of duty in afghanistan. greta, i also want to say, i got involved in this about six months ago and it was 100% because of your reporting. i didn't even know about it before watching it on your show. that's when i decided to get involved. the first time i went to visit him in prison, i took that same drive that you took and i found exactly the same circumstances that you found that could have happened to anybody. greta, i want you to know
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something. even though this was a terrible, terrible situation, because of what you've done in bringing this to light with the american people, i saw a really good side of america. so many people coming together for a really good cause and really because of the efforts i think largely of his mother and what you've done, we were able to get him out. i'm thankful to be able to play any part that i could. >> you raise a good point because i can't tell you how many people signed that petition at the white house. there were e-mails, marines were coming out of the woodwork and other parts of the service coming out of the woodwork. ollie north was talking about it, all these military people. they were scandalized that he was just sitting there. he's one of ours and he volunteered to go to afghanistan.
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he was so hurt. and it was a turn anybody could have taken. >> to have that happen to an american hero is an cons nabl but the fact that our president did literally nothing himself and the white house didn't extend any kind of hand to help him makes me angrier than angry. i went to the marriage of one of my staff in texas about a month and a half ago. my wife and i decided to visit the alamo. there's a guy standing there with a sign free our marine. no matter where i went across the country, people were emotionally engaged. let's not forget this and for those of us that are still able to be involved in andrew's life, let's make sure that we now go the full distance. now that he's out, that's half the battle. we have a long way to go. >> congressman royce, i'll give you the last word on this. will the v.a. step up and do what it needs to do? >> they really must step up now. i think there's going to be a lot of attention from congress
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on this issue. we held those hearings in order to bring pressure. we went down there and had these meetings in mexico and talked to every public official. but i should remind you, greta, andrew was facing 21 years under their laws. that's what he was charged with. you covered well the conditions in that first prison in tijuana before we were able to get him moved. i think at this point the focus of so many supporters are behind andrew. as i said earlier, he's got a great support network, but i know he's looking forward to telling his own story. i know that he wants to share his feelings about this, and i know he's going to have the opportunity to do so. those of us that have been inspired by what he did to defend this country in his two tours in afghanistan and by just the stamina that he's shown
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through this last seven months, we're behind him and we're rooting for him. >> indeed. let me just again say to all the viewers out there, thanks very much because you put the wind behind everybody's sail. the viewers were absolutely terrific. the tweets, everything, so the american people, wow. what a great job they did for this guy. thank you. congressman, thank you. we're going to look forward to hearing from him. the american people want to hear from him because they're worried about him. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, greta. on the record has been on this case in the very beginning. we went to the border and even drove that very confusing route that he took the night he ended up in mexico. on the record even waited for days outside that mexican prison to talk to the marine and take you inside his harrowing ordeal. >> i was punched in the stomach a few times to the point where i couldn't breathe. i was gasping for air. i was struck in the face a bunch
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of times. >> this was done by guards? >> it was done by guards, yes. >> 214 days, that's how long our marine sergeant andrew tahmorissi languished in this prison. the story began in march when a marine took a wrong turn, a mistake, landing him in a mexican prison. >> my problem is i crossed the border by accident and i have three guns in my truck. they're trying to take my guns from me. >> so you're in mexico? >> yeah. >> there's nothing i can help you with then, sir. i do apologize. >> from the beginning on the record has been on the case. the marine sergeant was arrested for bringing guns across the border and he said he never meant to end up in mexico. just weeks after being detained, on the record took you to mexico.
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that's the prison he's being held in. taking you to the border, even making the same wrong turn that landed him in a mexican prison. >> i'm staying in the left lane but he's over to the right. he can't get over to the left lane. this is the only lane that you can make this u-turn. you can see how he's got to cross -- which would be impossible -- all these barricades. this is where the u-turn is. he would have to cross over all these lanes and cars are going. it's late at night and it's dark. i've got the option, i'm making the last choice, but he couldn't get over to this point. you can see how impossible it was for him to get to where i am, making the u-turn. i'm making the u-turn to go back to the usa but he could not. then on the record going to prison. >> he's not a criminal. he made a wrong turn and said right at the border i've got guns. >> jill, andrew's mother, going on the record from outside the prison. >> he needs to stay alive so he
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can eventually have freedom. >> for two days we waited and waited trying to meet with the sergeant. we had permission but still prison guards turning us away. >> please don't forget about him. >> they could stop us at the gates and ever since we've been in constant contact trying to get inside. the mexican government refused but we couldn't let the sergeant just sit there. >> the petition is the only hope i have that the white house will acknowledge that andrew is in prison. >> we took it to you, the viewers, calling on all of you to sign the white house petition. even with a petition, the white house total silence. so we pushed. >> the marine jailed in mexico, what's the president's personal involvement? is he leaving it to the state department to try to get this guy back? has he talked to the mexican present the personally? >> i haven't had that discussion. >> just a few days later thanks to you in just one hour of on the record we all did it together. 100,000 of you officially signed that white house petition to get
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the sergeant's case in front of the president. weeks later, the president speaking to the president of mexico and not bringing up sergeant tam reesy. so we pushed again. >> did the president press that case with the mexican present the? >> i don't have any details of that conversation but i can look into that for you. >> but our marine still stuck in a mexican prison. >> i played tick tack toe with one of the prisoners and he made it seem like it would be the last time i would ever play. >> from his cell, the sergeant calling in multiple times, telling about his treatment behind bars. >> they put the handcuffs on me nice and tight and handcuffed me to the bed naked in the cold. >> stories shocking us and outraging his fellow marines. >> he didn't mean to cross the border to begin with. number two, he's been denied ptsd treatment that he needs. >> he's going to have a whole
4:18 pm
new case of ptsd after being shipped naked and chained to a bed. >> he's a selfless and words can't describe what he means to me and what he's done for this country. >> a situation so awful, leaders in both parties going on the record and supporting our marines. >> what should the united states be doing to help this marine get fast tracked through the judicial system because it was an accidental turn into mexico? >> we should be doing and assume we are -- what i would be doing, burning up the telephone wires. >> it's obscene that nothing is being done for him. >> he may be the only person the obama administration has ever kept from entering the united states from mexico. >> after help from leaders, the sergeant still locked up until now. >> fox news alert. marine sergeant andrew tahmorissi touching down moments
4:19 pm
ago after some 214 days in a mexican prison. >> and it's not over yet. now that he's out of prison in mexico and back to the united states, what is next for the marine? his vehicle got hit by an ied in afghanistan and he suffers from ptsd. representatives are here to talk about that next. follow me on twitter right now at the brand new handhandle @greta. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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a made one left-hand turn out of the parking lot but it looped around and took me back south to mexico. the mexican check point, i told him, i said i have all my stuff
4:23 pm
back here, plus i have three guns. i said, hey, take everything you want, just please let me go back to america. i was punched in the stomach a few times to the point where i couldn't breathe. i was gasping for air. i was struck in the face a bunch of times with an open palm. >> who was hitting you? >> it was done by guards. i didn't mean to be in mexico. it was an accident. >> a 214-day ordeal. tonight sergeant andrew tam reesy is a free man. but his battle isn't over. for more of what is next for the marine, our representatives join us. has anyone asked sergeant tam reesy how she thinks he should handle it from this point on?
4:24 pm
>> it's unconscionable that the president didn't lift a finger and this war hero spent 214 days in captivity. greta, a shoutout to you. leadership makes a difference. a person can make a difference. what you did with your thousands of viewers throughout the united states and the marine band of brothers, it's been incredible. you saved his life. heros like duncan hunter with his marine buddies, they saved his life. jill, what a strong mom, she saved her son's life. thank you to everyone who helped but most especially you, greta. you kept this issue alive. he's right here from south florida and i'm waiting for jill to tell me when she wants me to jump i'll say how high. we have a great v.a. system here. we're going to make sure he gets the care he needs. maybe he wants to go back to california. we're glad to help him. california. i'll help him here in florida.
4:25 pm
thank you to you, thanyou to jill, thank you to everybody who made this possible. >> congzessman, you were part of the team, we were all part of the team. congressman hunter, you've been pounding on this. we've all been pounding on this. you must feel great tonight, too. i can tell the congress woman does. >> it's important to get so much attention brought to bear on this and that's what you and i were able to do and the american people to care about something that they ought to care about. it's hard to cut through the air waves but we were able to do it. congratulations to all of us but most importantly to the mexican government who didn't expedite this in any way, number one. number two, it's time to figure out what andrew wants. there are two places in
4:26 pm
california where they have some of the best posttraumatic stress rehabilitation classes that there are. one is in san diego, one is in northern california. it's important for him, number one, to be around marines. that's what you have here in san diego. that's why he was here in the first place. we have thousands of sailors and marines, veterans and he would be welcome with open arms, i'm sure. >> congressman, obviously it's going to be his choice and we want him to get the best care but i can't help but be angry. why didn't mexico deport him? we all knew there was a sign there. they didn't charge him with trying to sell guns. they charged him with simple possession. the mexican government, they could have deported him in a second. we deport people every single day ourselves. >> they were trying to make a point.
4:27 pm
they've had a similar case. my constituent, jon hammer, thank you to olivia, a wonderful mom. we fought hard for him. the mexican government did nothing to free jon hammer. the mom did it. the administration again did nothing. it was a band of brothers. it was duncan and ed and matt and these folks helping out but you really did this for andrew. thank you, greta. >> it's a good night, a fun night tonight, i can tell you that much because he's home. both members, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. our team has worked on this case for months and tonight i have something i need to say about this case, something i need to tell all of you about the release of sergeant andrew tam reesy. i'm going to take you off the record a little later in the show-and-tell you. straight ahead you have to hear what the democrats are saying about president obama.
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>> this is really the last chance for america to pass judgment on the obama administration and its policies. >> the polls open and, yes, closed in hours. democrat candidates, they are in trouble. more than two-thirds of americans want to see president obama make a substantial change in the way he leads the country.
4:32 pm
reince priebus joins us. good evening. >> thank you. >> in that "wall street journal" poll it said 47% of democrats say the president needs to substantially alter how he approaches his job. that's a dagger in the chest to him. >> that's what you're seeing across the country in early votes and absentee ballot voting. we're doing very well as a party on the early votes because people feel like there's an incompetency malaise across the country. whether it's foreign policy, domestic policy, people aren't better off and they want to see the better direction across the country. our candidates are better, our ground game is much better and we're going to have a big night tomorrow. >> you said on abc this week yesterday that our ground game is whipping their ground game. how do you know that? >> you can see where we are in early votes in iowa. so you understand, we're tied or
4:33 pm
even in a lot of these states where, for example, in iowa, in 2010 we were 21,000 votes down in iowa in 2010. that's wiped away. in colorado we are 100,000 votes ahead tonight. that's not guesswork. that's the reality. the actual votes in the box. the reality is that people in this country that want to see change, if they vote, if people vote that want a different direction, we will have a very big night in our republican party. >> let's go to our heritage, we're both cheese heads from the state of wisconsin with a nail-biter race there for scott walker against mary burke. that's going to be close? >> first of all, i was over the weekend with scott and paul ryan at a lot of stops. a few people asked about you,
4:34 pm
they love you in wisconsin. >> my loyal cheese heads. >> if you're going to beat an incumbent, you're going to have to hit your opponent hard. mary burke hasn't landed the punch. her own family fired her from her job. if your own family can't find a place for you in their own company -- >> i don't trust my brother and sister necessarily. >> if you line your resume and you steal your plans from other people and your own family has eliminated your position in their company, i don't see her getting too far. needless to say, that's not a good way to finish the campaign. >> that's going to be a fascinating race to wastch. wisconsin is fun. everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to see which party will control the senate. some are such nail-biters we may not find out until january.
4:35 pm
ron, first to you, are we really going to have to wait until january 6 to find out what happens with georgia? >> it's possible we could be waiting on louisiana and georgia. even in those circumstances if you look at the polling right now it favors republicans. it just might take longer than tomorrow night. >> a.b., louisiana? >> louisiana does not -- that looks like it will go to runoff and that doesn't look good for mary landrieu. it points to her challenger winning in a runoff. the david perdue campaign for senate in georgia, they think they're going to get to 50% tomorrow and they're not going to have to go to a runoff. that will make it interesting. if it comes down to mary landrieu, i don't think the majority of the senate is going to come down to her race. >> what everyone is saying is that the democrats are on the ropes this team. i don't know what will happen tomorrow. maybe everyone may have a rude awakening and find out that everybody got it wrong.
4:36 pm
but is it your sense that it is as bad for the democratic party. >> the odds are definitely against the democrats but there are a lot of close races. there are four right away that the republicans win and there are four very, very close races, alaska, colorado, iowa, and kansas. right now they're within one or two points. if you look at recent history, when a candidate is within three points, about half the time they lose, the person who's ahead on election day. we could see a lot of surprises or they could break one way or the other and the democrats could lose to north carolina and new hampshire. >> can the republicans or the democrats afford to lose all for or not, the razor close ones? >> the chances are i suspect what normally happens is they break one way or the other.
4:37 pm
we have a much better chance than that that it breaks it republicans' way. >> all four? >> more generally we have a much better chance that the republicans win the senate. i can tell you which states are going to break which way but it's hard to do the math and see the democrats hang onto the senate. >> what about scott brown and senator shaheen in new hampshire? >> it's very tight. literally a month and a half ago no one thought, including reince priebus who runs the republican national committee thought scott brown was going to take shaheen down. she is a former governor. if we see that he's won that race early in the night, that's a bad sign for the rest of them. >> it's bad sign because he's been in massachusetts for a long time. if they're going to abandon their governor for essentially
4:38 pm
almost a newcomer, that's a bad message. >> she's a strong candidate. >> but he's new. >> it will be impressive if he pulls it off. north carolina, you can see that flipping. >> panel, stay with us. you're going to hear what vice-president biden just said and you're going to hear from senator rob portman. that's next.
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. . . .
4:42 pm
vice-president joe biden predicts the democrats will hold onto the senate. then why does the vice-president say the white house is ready to compromise? >> going into 2016 the republicans have to make the decision whether they're in control or not in control. are they going to begin to allow things to happen or obstruct? i think we're going to continue to get things done. we have to be clear about what it is we're looking to do. look, we're ready to compromise.
4:43 pm
>> senator rob portman joins us. it almost seems to me listening to vice-president biden that he has conceded defeat. we'll see what happens tomorrow. but he's also extending the olive branch, let's work together. >> he said republicans have been trying to obstruct. >> he did say that. >> we have a lot of legislation in the house. the problem is the senate with the administration and with harry reid blocking it we haven't been able to get things done. republicans want to get things done. that's what this election is about. if you're in one of these key states, if you like the status quo and the gridlock, vote for the democrats. if you want to see things change, let's try and bring republicans into the senate. get an agenda that's pro growth and jobs. >> a lot of people were saying that the president is on the ballot although he's not on the ballot obviously. i almost think harry reid is.
4:44 pm
whether you're a democrat or not, he has pocket vetoed a lot of legislation. he could have taken some of the bills and put them on the floor but he wouldn't even do that. >> the senate historically has been a place to debate the big issues. you win some, lose some. he stopped that. interestingly, since july of last year there's only been 12 republican amendments voted on and only 8 democratic amendment voted on. >> what's his thinking? >> it worked for him in to 2010 and 2012 to keep his members from making tough votes. i think people have seen through it. through the president he's made it clear his policies are on the ballot, all of them as he says. i think you're right, it's also the american people saying we're tired of the gridlock and we want to get things done and provide a little more accountability in washington. part of it is to put guardrails around an administration that keeps trying to go around the congress with executive orders and then let's try to work
4:45 pm
together. >> if the republicans take the senate and i don't know what's going to happen in the next 24 hours. they may lose for all i know. in january, what's going to happen if they take the senate? >> we begin to move legislation right away. >> like what? >> keystone excel pipeline. popular because it's probably the biggest infrastructure project in america next year. 20 to 40,000 new jobs. >> what happens to obamacare? >> let me finish on this one. jobs, energy independence. obamacare, i don't think he'll sign those. i think he'll vote with a veto to stop us from doing any significant on that but there are parts that we can probably change. there are some terrible things including a penalty an moving them to part time work by saying if you're 30 hours or less you aren't covered by obamacare. might be able to make progress on some aspects of it. i think on energy, on tax reform, on regulatory relief,
4:46 pm
certainly on expanding exports, there's a chance here to give this economy a shot in the arm and to work with the president on some of these issues, on issues he should have worked with us before but didn't, harry reid blocked. >> i'm rooting for tax codes that even members of congress can figure out so they can do their own taxes and i can do my own. >> bring the money back here. >> thank you. trouble brewing in iowa. outgoing senator tom harken compares his opponeu to taylor swift. that's right, you heard right. [ female announcer ] if you don't think "i've still got it" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." life reimagined gives you tools and support to get the career you'll love. find more real possibilities at
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today republican senate jody
4:51 pm
ernst firing back after tock ha2ájz compares her to taylor swift. you heard right. taylor swift. >> i have been watching some of these ads and they're sort of the sense that you know what, joni ernst is really attractive and she sounds nice. well, i got a thinking about that. i don't care if she's good looking as taylor swift. or as nice as mr. rogers. but if she looks like michelle obama, she's wrong for the state of iowa. >> joanni ernst saying she is offended by senator harkin's remarks and he would not have said those things if she were a man. we are back. senator tom harkin is old school. i think what's the big deal. a dopey thing to say but not fatal. i was surprised to know who taylor swift was. >> when it comes to insults it
4:52 pm
comes to think of a lot of other things to say. it was a little offensive. she served in the iraq war and to diminish a candidate to her looks is offensive. she's winning on the issues. if you look at the polls, she's one of the top ones. and her biggest lead over the democrat is that a 20-point lead over who would do a better job because of her combat experience. >> you know, this is a frot situation to begin with. he is a weak candidate all know senator harkin has helped campaign but refused to give him money. >> that's worse. >> he's saving it for a charitable organization that the senator set up in his own name. this is really -- it's just been a tough race all together in that he has not been a great
4:53 pm
candidate. joni ernst is a terrific candidate with a great story. she's right. this is not something that senator harkin, if he was campaigning, he would not say just because scott brown is handsome and had modeled before -- >> if you look at the full context i think the senator was trying to say we shouldn't objectify women. but you should know you never talk about a woman's looks unless you're willing to say the same thing about a man. i think we got to go back to taylor swift who taylor is going to hate, hate, hate on both sides. >> i give a little latitude to someone. i jump over every guy that says something stupid. but he's 74 years old. he's leaving the u.s. senate. he says something dopey. is that how we're going to remember him? it's not going to throw the election or mean she's elected or loses. >> he already apologized and he said he regrets that.
4:54 pm
>> yeah. but that's the kind of apology where now he feels bad he got caught. >> probably. he just wanted to get out there by mentioning taylor swift and knew the news networks would jump on it. and then saying -- >> that's the trouble there. >> i don't think it's so bad for harkin. i think it's bad for braley. >> that is indeed a bad thing to find out. >> panel, thank you. coming up, i'm going to talk to you off the record. there's something i need to tell you about the release of sergeant andrew tamaricci next. to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i finally made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms.
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dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. let's go off the record for a minute. i have seen your e-mails, tweets, facebook posts, and comments and you are just as happy as i am that sergeant tahmooressi is home. it has been a long haul. it should have taken two days. what stands out tonight is that sergeant tahmooressi is so lucky
4:59 pm
to have a good friend like montel and supported viewers like you. i worry about the vets who served us so well and suffering tonight because we may have overlooked them. let this be a reminder to all of us, meaning to me, too, if you know a vet who might be in trouble or hurting or being lonely. make a phone call. sometimes even a two-minute phone call to say thank you can make a huge difference. in the coming days you're going to hear from sergeant tahmooressi right here on the record. that's my off the record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. big news, my twitter is so simple. it is now just @greta and a brand new podcast launching on itunes. it's free. log on to itunes and push describe to greta talk.
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it's free. do you think president obama helped go behind the scenes to get sergeant tahmooressi released or not? thanks for watching. >> the o'reilly factor is on tonight! >> we need a democratic senate and you need to go protest the republicans. >> president obama making a last appeal but the odds are heavily against democrats holding the senate. we'll have analysis from paul rowe, and ron williams. >> this is a good story. >> the story is that we should never leave our veterans behind, not just in conflict, but in civilian life. >> sergeant andrew tahmooressi finally free by mexico. we have the inside story. megan kelly on that. >> now who is running? you are. >> also ahead, waters world, the election day


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